Heir To Reformation

No One Hails The Baron

The Hauslands debate their next move. The populace is abuzz with news of the recent coup.

Laeranor points out that he is now the criminally sentenced indentured servant of a wanted man and Sir Darren frees him from service. Laeranor, now a free man, elects to remain by the Hauslands’ side of his own free will.

Here in the King’s lands, the people are uneasy. Prudence balks at running to safety before investigating the status of the family’s friends. Darren receives a magical Sending from Phineas Abraham asking to see the deed to the family cottage. Phineas also mentions that the Archbishop is holding a ranger prisoner in secret.

As Lord Peter pleads for calm from the common folk, the Hauslands decide to make for Sir Darren’s old school-chum Kurt’s home in Laurence; there they hope potentially to free Friar Ashby.

In a little town called Derry they encounter Rodolfo, son of the Aragonese king, who has very definite opinions on current events and is not afraid to voice them. He is going to Laurence to see Ashby’s execution; Lady Caighleigh is currently attempting to convince him to help them free Ashby instead.

The Plot Thickens

The Hauslands attend upon the sick king; Robin Laperdue presents her Yuletide gift to the King, a gilded wildrose, a token of the new year but also of farewell. Sir Louis of Ghent falls just short of openly mocking the King. The Hauslands decide to leave at once; as they leave, Prudence accosts them and requests to come with them. That night, they learn that the wicked Baron Ropish has been declared Lord Protector of the Realm, and Prince Christopher has been arrested for heresy. They also learn even more important news: their younger sister is pregnant with King Eamon’s child.


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