This page details changes to the core SRD classes for our campaign.


Most Barbarians are full-blooded Orcs or half-breeds who inhabit far northern lands. The requirement to have a Chaotic Alignment is waived.


Charisma-based spellcasting does not exist in this campaign. As such, the Bard class is unavailable.


Clerics (not all of whom are members of the Church of Twelve Shepherds, and whose officials may or may not have Cleric levels; see Religion) are limited to spells of third level or lower (see Divine Magic). Furthermore, Westphalian clerics cannot choose domains and do not receive domain spells. Player characters may take Cleric levels with the understanding that at least initially their power will be quite restricted compared to the rules as written in the SRD.

Human clerics will most likely be a member of the formal clergy of the Church, however a village wise woman or old hermit of the woods would, for example, also be suitable backgrounds.

Players should choose whether their cleric spontaneously Heals or spontaneously Inflicts at character creation time. This choice is permanent.

Note that, in contrast to the SRD, the name or nature of the deity or deities invoked by the cleric has no effect on the cleric’s abilities. All clerics, in general, have the same powers, whether they call upon the Twelve Gods or not.


Unavailable to player characters.


No changes from the SRD. Fighters may take in-house feats such as Mettle.

The Swashbuckler from the D&D 3.5e Complete Warrior sourcebook is also available as an alternative melee-focused character class compatible with a courtly or noble background.


The secrets of the Monk class are not widely known in Westphalia and surrounding lands; this class is available at the DM’s discretion. The alignment requirement is waived.


Rangers may choose Human as a favored enemy without alignment restriction. They may cast Divine spells up to 3rd level; see Divine Magic, although they are unlikely to think of what they do as “spellcasting” per se.


No changes from the SRD.


Charisma-based spellcasting does not exist; see Bard. This class is therefore unavailable.


Some spells changed, mostly those having to do with Alignment. Otherwise, as per the SRD. Wizards are assumed to be licensed members of the College of Archmages, otherwise openly casting spells might be extremely legally hazardous in populated realms.


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