Divine Magic

Divine Magic exists, but its existence is not openly acknowledged, other than vague statements by the Church about the holy, healing power of the Gods. Classes that cast divine spells (Clerics and Rangers) do not consider what they do to be spellcasting per se, but invoking minor miracles of the Gods and of Nature’s power. These classes may cast Divine spells of up to 3rd level in power. Clerics, however, are limited in that they cannot choose domains, do not receive granted powers from domains, and cannot cast any domain spell.

Divine spellcasting in HtR does not require the use of a divine focus. Any such requirement listed as part of a spell’s description is waived.

Not all clerics belong to the Church, and not all clergy have Cleric levels or spellcasting abilities. Many clerics are village wise men or women, folk healers, and the like, operating below the Church’s radar.

Divine spells are subject to the general campaign rule regarding spells that discriminate on the basis of alignment don’t work. This includes Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, (Un)Holy Smite, and many others. Alignment-neutral versions of some of these spells have been provided.

It is unclear exactly whose or what power is being invoked when divine spellcasting occurs. The Church would have you believe that it is the Gods’ power, but the existence of apostate, pagan spellcasters, not to mention Orcish Shamans, would seem to contradict this.

New divine spells:

Divine Magic

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