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Heir to Reformation: A Revised OGL SRD Fantasy Campaign

Heir to Reformation is a fantasy game campaign based (very loosely) on the early Renaissance period in Europe and the societal changes that were taking place at that time. The story concerns the Hausland family and its rise to prominence and glory in a changing world.

Heir to Reformation uses as its ruleset the OGL Revised System Reference Document, version 3.5, with certain modifications, most chiefly the removal of Alignment and the limitation of Divine Magic. Material from other sourcebooks or RPGs is permitted only at the DM’s discretion. In general, Heir to Reformation is a “low-power” campaign where player characters are not superhuman and where power, magical and otherwise, is jealously guarded by the elite few.

Heir to Reformation takes place within the Holy Kingdom of Westphalia; given the amount of back-stabbing and infighting among its nobles, it is often said in jest that it is neither Holy, nor a Kingdom. The known world is dominated by Human kingdoms, with the exception of the wild northen lands, where the Orcs dwell. (See Races.)

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