The known world is dominated by humans, with the exception of the northern wilds, where Orcs live. Orcs and humans interact in ways both hostile and non-hostile; there are traders and trappers who have taken Orcish wives and therefore a small population of half-Orc peoples live on the frontier.

There also is a population of elves that live on a fairly small and remote island; they follow a policy of isolation from humans, whom they consider barbarians and inferiors.

Dwarves exist in tales and legends, but no reliable accounts exist of anyone having met one, and “dwarves” exhibited in human lands at fairs and the like usually turn out to be short humans.

Given these facts, player characters in HtR must be either humans, elves, or half-orcs. Elves will be outcasts from the Elven lands, as an Elf in good standing would almost certainly never consider travelling among the humans in any other circumstances.

Humans will, in general, be Westphalians or Languedocs. Humans from the northern frontier may be Beornish. Half-Orcs will most likely be the children of Westphalian or Beornish trappers and hunters, and Shamhat Orcs.

Half-Orc PCs in HtR have the Intelligence penalty reduced to -1 (from -2). Otherwise, characters receive the unaltered bonuses from the SRD for their race.


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