Prince Rodolfo is the youngest son of King Charles V of Aragon. His older brothers are Frederico and Julio, the heir presumptive and heir apparent respectively. As the third-in-line for his father’s throne, Rodolfo has not received the attention, responsibility, or power that his older brothers have, and he has taken to travelling in search of something that can earn him distinction in the eyes of his family and the world.

Rodolfo is distressed by the amount of influence that the Church has over society in Westphalia. He is a member of the less-ideological Aragonese Church, and he sees the Church Universal as nakedly political.

He has a firey temper and is used to saying what he means, which results in the occasional scene; however, his rank as Aragonese prince usually protects him from the worst of the consequences of his verbal intemperance. The Hauslands met him in mid-argument with a Westphalian priest.

He is currently travelling with the Hausland family from Derry to Laurence.


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